Wärmebildkamera / Thermal Imager

Neu! Seek Thermal CompactPro mit 320 x 240 Pixel Temperatursensor (76k Pixel)

Seek Thermal Compact, Compact XR, Reveal, Reveal XR mit 206 x 156 Pixel Temperatursensor (32k Pixel)


Sometimes you need to see further. Sometimes you need to know more.

Now, with the Seek thermal imaging camera, you can.

Plug Seek directly into your Android phone, IPhone or iPad or use the standalone version and in seconds you can see the heat all around you. Seek’s advanced thermal sensing technology lets you detect a massive range of temperatures—from -40° up to 626° Fahrenheit—and locate specific sources of heat instantly.

Use Seek in broad daylight or total darkness. Detect heat through walls, pipes, brush, and bad weather. Share and store the images and videos you capture. What you Seek is completely up to you.

For builders: Seek to work faster—and smarter. Seek helps construction pros save time and money, with the power to see precise thermal variation in walls, pipes, power boxes, and more. The faster you see the problem, the faster you can fix it.

For hunters: Seek and stay hot on the trail. Seek makes it simple for hunters to find and track prey through even the thickest brush or thickest fog.

For home security and safety: Seek and know what’s out there. By allowing you spot people and animals even on the darkest night, Seek delivers greater peace of mind.

For homeowners: Seek. Find. And fix. From drafty windows to clogged pipes, Seek gives homeowners the ability to detect, diagnose, and remedy issues around the house—before calling a professional.

For outdoor enthusiasts: Seek. And see the world. For boaters, hikers, campers, and pet owners, Seek lets you detect and locate objects and animals easily—on the water, on the trail, and at night.

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